ELNG Administration Building is a two floor building ( Ground + First Floor ) having a total surface area about 1500 m2 and ceiling height of about 3.5 mt each floor .This area shall be centrally air conditioned via Fan Coil Unit (F.C.U) on rooms and two Air Handling Unit (A.H.U) one for each floor for fresh air to rooms ,Corridors will be conditioned by indirect way threw the positive pressure of rooms by using under cut room doors .

Contaminated air shall be partially extracted from toilets and other contaminated zones (such as Buffet) via axial exhaust fans.

The central chilling system shall consist of two cooled ,direct fired absorption chillers +2 cooling towers C/W two sets (chilled and condenser ) pumps . chillers shall supply chilled to air handling units via a set of two ( 1 operating + 1 standby ) chilled pumps and a chilledwater piping system.

chillers, cooling towers, chilled and condenser cooling pumps shall be installed on roof top of the building.

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